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The Journey

the image is a map of Canada with route taken by Rebecca Singh on journey

My Origami Motorcycle is a full colour hand drawn graphic novel in a classic newspaper style of basic sequential images and panels laid out in basic square grids, sometimes with more dialogue or text than imagery. Under the title The journey is a full page map of Canada. The digitally created map contains all three coastlines Surrounding countries are partially shown including Russia, all of Greenland and Iceland to the north, to the west the US State of Alaska and to the south, the northern third of the USA. The map indicates each Canadian province and territory shaded in a different pastel colour. Provinces, territories and major cities are all indicated, including the many islands to the north all the way up to Alert in the territory of Nunavut, that reaches as far as the northern part of Greenland. In Southern Canada, a line drawn dark red dotted line traces a journey east across the country from Edmonton, Alberta, to Montréal, Quebec. The westernmost point along the line is a dot in Edmonton. The line travels east to a dot in Winnipeg. The line dips south east into the United States below Lake Superior to a dot marked “Dave's Diner”. The line continues north east, back up to Canada, and Sault Saint Marie east past the Great Lakes, a dot marks Ottawa, and finally stops in Montréal. On the map there are two line drawn Illustrated characters. Above Edmonton is the driver: a person standing facing westwards with their arms crossed wearing a black motorcycle helmet and leather jacket and pants behind a pink motorcycle which is a cruiser style on which bikers sit upright. The motorcycle has a windscreen, pinky purple teardrop shaped gas tank and side panels, and fenders. The rest is lots of gleaming chrome: handlebars, engine casing, tailpipe, spokes and accents including rear view mirrors on tall rods that stick out, a black leather seat and passenger's seat with a back topped with a blanket roll, back rest and saddlebags. It's parked and leans on its kickstand. Above Montréal, is the dreamer: a young woman of colour who is German, Nigerian and Sikh with short, coily dark brown hair a tan skintone and brown eyes. She wears a sleeveless black dress and black boots. She stands, facing eastwards and is physically identical to the motorcycle driver, it practically looks like the same person.


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