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page one of the graphic novel My Origami Motorcycle

Three rows form a square page. The first row spans the top of the page and has three cells. They feature the woman in the black sleeveless dress. The lower part of the dress is a flowing skirt to mid calf. She wears a full face motorcycle helmet with a darkened visor. She is bare foot and against a black backdrop. Lines indicate her movement. She is dancing. In the first cell she crouches low to the ground, her helmeted head inches from the floor. The background behind her is black with arcing lines of purple that get wider as they get farther from her. The floor is also purple. In the next image the woman in profile stands in a lunge with her left knee bent and right leg stretched backwards with toes pointed. Her back is arched and her helmeted head looks upward. Both arms reach diagonally up. Motion lines indicate her left making a sweeping gesture from her right foot to up above her bent left knee and shoulder. In the last cell of the top row, she stands facing forward with wide arms up, creating a letter V shape. Feet are heels together and feet pointing outwards. Her left palm is up, wrist bent. Her right palm faces forward. Text below the three cells reads: I am a little girl and I live in a yellow wooden house with big windows. The windows are covered with heavy curtains so that strangers can't look in. The centre row is a single cell with a two floor house surrounded by green trees. The house has yellow siding. It an angled roof with gables, and multiple large, dark windows shaded in with purple. A black car is parked at the side. A text box in the trees reads: My parents are afraid we won't pass the test… The bottom row of three cells have text boxes which hang over them. The first reads: The window in the room I play in, has a makeshift table in front of it with all sorts of plants. Under this, a little girl who is a person of colour and a younger version of the figures on the map on earlier pages kneels on the yellowy green floor and arranges large blocks. She is about five or six years old. Her coils are tied up in a pony tail. She wears a blue short sleeved dress and, and red shoes. Beside her is a piece of paper and some crayons. Behind her is a side table with plants placed in front of a window with purple curtains drawn. The next cell reads: These plants only get a little bit of sunlight everyday… At school I start to have these fantasies… A potted house plant with several wilted stems and 3 red blooms. The last cell reads: I watch the teacher writing numbers on the chalkboard and all of a sudden it's a dance. The chalk clacks out a rhythm, spews shrapnel and makes dust storms in the sunlight. The girl, slightly older and wearing a red dress with short puffy sleeves, sits at a school desk. She cups her chin in her right hand which pulls her lip down on the right side. She stares off into space. To the right of her head is a cloud of dust swirls.


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