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page two of My Origami Motorcycle comic zine by Rebecca Singh

A page with three rows. Along the top are three cells. The first is the torso and head of the person wearing a motorcycle helmet with a dark visor and a black leather motorcycle jacket. Text appears above and below the figure, it reads: As I get older I realize I hate feeling like this. I know I have a problem. It lives inside me and controls me. I think of it as an evil little clown. In the next cell the wide eyes of the motorcyclist, a woman, are visible through the visor. A little goblin who is gap toothed and grinning pops into view above her head. A sound effect: Proing! Then text reads: I can never get him to shut up! The next cell shows the girl, now a teenager lying in bed with eyes wide open. The grinning goblin stands right behind her at her head as she frowns, turned away from him. His outfit is half yellow, half orange and has big pompoms down its front. He has wild brown hair sticking out of a cone shaped sleeping cap with a pom pom on the end. Under it is scraggly hair, a long pointy nose and he cups his chin in his hand as he looks down at the teen. Text reads: Silence, that's all I want really… A sound effect: Vroom! The centre row on this page features two cells with a motorcycle in motion. On the left the pink motorcycle with the windscreen zooms down a road leaving a white cloud in its wake. The driver wears a black helmet and black leathers. On the right is a black and white cell with the motorcycle in profile driving through space in a landscape dotted with stars. It's front headlight beams a long triangle of white light. Underneath white text in a black box reads: When I was 18 I left my home in Edmonton to drive east across Canada. My bike was pink- a beautiful cruiser-style bike, a 1989 750 cc Yamaha Virago. Virago comes from Latin and means quote courageous woman end quote. Text above the first cell of the next row text reads: Men steer with their arms The driver poses behind the parked motorcycle with arms crossed. Text reads: But women steer with their hips, and the virago’s centre of gravity is finely attuned to a lady’s needs. In the next cell the teenage girl faces 2 white male sales people at a counter. Text reads: I decided to drive to Montreal and asked for advice at my motorcycle outfitter store. They all told me that they wouldn't be venturing that far on their bikes but yep… On the final cell which is pitched on an angle, text reads: …I had enough horsepower and um, well, good luck to me. The pink motorcycle snakes along in heavy traffic behind a truck. A cityscape lies in the distance.


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